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What You Need to Know about FMS: Overview


Managing Director

Graham holds an Honours Degree in Marine & Mechanical Engineering from University College, London.

He was an Officer in the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors a branch of the Royal Navy specialising in the engineering of ship building, refits, maintenance and damage control.

Graham also trained as a Commercial Diver whilst in the Royal Navy and later became a diver in the offshore oil industry moving become a Senior Field Engineer for Western Atlas, Well Site Services carrying out Geological surveying on exploration drill rigs. He was team leader of a crew who specialised in remote location work, Middle East, Yemen, North Sea, Siberia. Graham then moved to New Zealand in 1996 where he became involved in the Mussel Farming Industry.

Our expertise comes from hands on experience. With over 20 years of serving the mussel industry, our technology is tried and tested with proven results. Whether you are looking to cyclone proof your farms, move to a long line system or replace existing anchors we can help you.

What You Need to Know about FMS: Research
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