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Ropes with plenty of baby mussels in a french massel farm

How heavy are the loads a screw anchor can take?

 In 2005 we were asked that very question, so we arranged for an independent engineering company to carry out a pull test on our 12m anchor, which consists of two 6m lengths bolted together. The load cell recorded a 30 tonne pull when the bolts started to deform. This gives us a 30 tonne vertical pull out rate. Our anchors currently hold lines with 80+ tones of mussels.


How quickly are the anchors installed?

This depends on the weather, depth, installation vessel and length of the anchor being used — however, FMS typically install 25 x 6m anchors in a day, and 16 x 12m anchors.

Shoreline from Above

Can your anchors drill into rock?

Screw Anchors are designed for sedimentary bottoms. However, FMS have developed a rock anchor that is drilled into rock in a similar way to give the same result.

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Would you install anchors outside of New Zealand?

For our overseas clients we provide them with the equipment and teach them how to install our anchors themselves. Armed with the know-how and with the on going support from our experts, this is proving to be a preferred option by our clients. However each client has individual needs and all our solutions are tailored to ensure clients get what they want.

FAQ: Research
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