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About Us: Research

What does FMS do?

Fielder Marine Services Ltd provides a wealth of experience in the underwater maintenance of marine aquaculture farms and marine farm installation. Our partnering philosophy has led to enduring Client relationships that have remained solid for over 10 years. We believe in delivering outstanding value to our Clients by providing solutions that are realistic, practical and cost effective.

Services we provide

The service we provide is tailored to suit the needs of each individual client, the list below summarises our services:

· Marine Farm Installation
· Technical Consultancy
· Damage control for Farmers
· Ongoing preventative maintenance surveys
· Fully trained & mobile aquaculture dive team
· Contract commercial divers

Some of our Clients

Sanford Ltd – New Zealand
Sealord NZ Ltd – New Zealand
Paddy Bull Ltd – New Zealand

Gulf Mussel Farms Ltd – New Zealand

Paspaley Pearling Pty Ltd - Australia

Offshore Shellfish - UK 

Want to learn more about our current projects?

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